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Individual Coaching Retreat


It’s “ME TIME” for a change….This programme is specifically geared towards people who would like to take time-out from the day to day stresses of busy life, to focus specifically on themselves with their very own coach for 2 whole days.

Take a step back…

Just imagine staying in a beautiful country retreat where you can take in the wonderful views and serene environment, whilst relaxing and reflecting on specific areas of your life that you may want to change.

You will focus on getting back in touch with who you really are and the things that you really want. You may want to start thinking and considering new options for your life, as well as planning on how to make those changes happen. You will create an unstoppable you, with a new confident mindset and a focused direction for change

"Your Coaching Programme has been profoundly life changing for helping me to realize my abilities. I loved the behavioral framework and mapping it to other people to help me speak their language. Such an insight and because of your ability to really delve into my hidden core, I am more confident, relaxed and authentic. The weekend was amazing for clearing my head and I applied for an internal promotion and got the job! You are amazing source of inspiration and many thanks for all your help”<br /> Sian Lewis - Medical Director NHS, Welsh Health Specialized Services Committee<br />

What does it involve?


Prior to working together you will have a 1-1 session via ZOOM and carry out a personality questionnaire so that I can tailor your needs to some powerful life changing sessions. We will work together on areas such as:

* Re-tuning your mindset to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs

* Understanding your behaviour patterns with others

* Finding your powerful self and life purpose

* Releasing your true potential and reviewing your passions, strengths, achievements and motivators

* Building up your confidence and rediscovering your creativity to do things differently

* Creating a solid, focused and personal vision

* Creating a life plan that is achievable for you with compelling goals and action plan

How does it work?

One to one tailored coaching sessions will take place over the two days where you will create a powerful vision, work through your “mind -blocks,” develop strategies for change and set clear goals. Time is included outside to take in the beautiful countryside and “talk while you walk” with your coach- this is a great balancer and provides amazing clarity for our coaching sessions. You will have the opportunity to learn relaxation techniques in the form of visualisations, meditation, breathing techniques and the option to have some reiki healing or reflexology if required.

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