FREE 5 Day Challenge Reveals How Frustrated Professionals Can Start To Take Control Of Their Career By Aligning Their Unique Value To New Opportunities With Clarity And Unstoppable Confidence Using A Step By Step Roadmap For Success

Join my FREE “FROM CHAOS TO CLARITY” CAREER CHALLENGE and start to fix your fears, frustration and lack of direction by creating and bringing your vision to life for the start of a career journey that is fuelled with passion and purpose.

CHALLENGE STARTS ON 21st September 2020

Hosted by Jane Baker – Award Winning Leadership Coach & Career Strategist 

You’ll discover how to create a powerful vision that will manifest for your dream career with focus and intent

I will show you how to uncover your unique value that will align with your next career move and help you to position yourself in the current market 

I’ll share some powerful mindset techniques to remove self doubt and bring you unfound confidence to move forward  

BONUS – I’ll uncover how to map the 4 behavioural styles of DISC and their underlying drivers to help you understand  and align your dominant personality style for your next career move. 

You’ll Be Given Exclusive Access To Our Private Challenge Members Only Facebook Group Along With Everyone Else Taking Part In The Challenge.

Every Day I’ll Share One Action For You To Complete And Post In The Comments Of How You Have Got On Each Task Can Be Done. In Just 30 Mins and I’ll Be On Hand To Answer Any Questions.

You Can Even Network With Other Like Minded Professionals Who Are In The Market Sector That You May Want To Move Into – You May Get An Insiders Perspective Right Inside My Supportive Group If You Choose 


Nice to meet you.

Over the past few years, I’ve helped thousands of frustrated, fed up professionals find passion and purpose in their career showing them a system to transition into bigger and better things. We’ve worked together to create a strategy for change, to map out and align their unique transferable skills and personality traits to the right career. My clients move forward into a new environment that is aligned to their values bringing them unfound confidence and momentum for success

* Have you ever looked at your career in this way?

* Maybe you’re thinking that you just need a job, any job will do?

* Maybe you just don’t feel confident enough to get out of your own way

* Or maybe you’ve never stopped to really think that YOU CAN LOVE WHAT YOU DO in an environment that aligns with your personality style and values!

Then this Challenge is a great starting point to change your mindset and implement the principles that I teach in an inclusive and supportive environment?  

Plus I’ll be in the group every day to support you along each task and make you sure you get the most from taking part

What’s stopping you taking part and actively stepping out of your comfort zone and creating the start of your dream career? 

My 5 day “Chaos to Clarity Career” Challenge will run on 21st September 2020 from Monday to Friday 

This challenge is all about Implementation, Engagement and Action so that you can all get the most out of it.