Be Visible – Create a Strong Brand

Online Workshop

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered then this workshop is for you.

You will start to create a full and rich picture of who you are – what makes you tick and what is truly unique about you. This allows you the time out to delve into your values, motivators, behaviours and strengths of you as a person. By understanding your unique self you will develop a strong personal brand of who you really are to the outside world. You will then have a brand statement that can be used to communicate the authentic confident you and what you stand for. 

Duration: 2 hours

Resources –The workshop can be accessed by video which you can watch again and again. You will be given a workbook for reflection and to keep you on track.

Cost – £45

As your coach, I will help you sort through difficult issues and move you forward in positive ways. I will encourage, challenge, make requests and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are, your goals, your values and your vision. My focus will be completely on you and what you want in life.

I have over 18 years of experience as a certified business coach specializing in emotions and behaviour. I am an NLP practitioner, counsellor (CBT) and kinetic shift practitioner and use all of these methods to help my clients move forward in their lives.

At all times I am there to support you in a confidential and safe environment.

Jane’s insight is quite remarkable

She always seems to been able to ask the right questions and offer a view that has really helped me challenge myself and see things from different perspectives when making challenging decisions or being faced with difficult situations, both professionally and personally. 

Her coaching and mentoring really helped me push forward professionally through some big decisions and challenges and I truly believe I have come out a better professional! – I know I will always be able to use Jane in the future when I need that different outlook or a career “pick me up” – as we all do on occasion!”


Operations Director, Zimmer Biomet

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