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Align Your Personality With Job Preference DISC Psychometric Profiling

Thank you for signing up to this short course. 

I am confident it will transform your confidence at an accelerated rate, bringing you both personal and professional development to fulfil your career aspirations. It will allow you to understand  your behavior style and preferences that you are likely to show in your current role and help you understand any incongruencies  between your underlying and exhibited styles in your career. You will understand your communication style, what motivates you, your decision-making style and how you prefer to be managed. It will help you align your personality to the right career choice.

Once you have signed up:

  1. You will receive an e-mail to click on a link so that you can complete your DISC psychometric profiling. Please allow at least half an hour to work through this.
  2. The profile will ask you a number of questions which will generate a report that we will use at our arranged coaching session.
  3. Please e-mail me your preferred time, day a.m/p.m/evening for your 2 hour coaching session and I will try to accommodate you as best I can.
  4. I require 24 hours notice if you cannot attend. Failure to keep to the date and time agreed will mean that you lose your coaching session slot. So please make this a priority.

If you have any queries, please e-mail me on jane@janebaker-coaching.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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