Align Your Personality With Job Preference Using DISC Psychometric Profiling

What can I expect from Understanding My DISC Personality?


 This course will transform your confidence at an accelerated rate, bringing you both personal and professional development to fulfil your career aspirations. It will allow you to understand  your behavior style and preferences that you are likely to show in your current role and help you understand any incongruencies  between your underlying and exhibited styles in your career. You will understand your communication style, what motivates you, your decision-making style and how you prefer to be managed. It will help you align your personality to the right career choice.


You will have: 

* A Detailed DISC report to help you understand your behaviour style to help you align with your future career choices 

* 2 hour coaching session by SKYPE or phone to discover how to take the next steps in your career, reflect on your mindset and be challenged to try new things. You will reflect on your behaviour style and come up with some specific actions to start changing your career.

* A focused Action Plan to take away 

Who Is This For

If you are feeling like a “square peg in a round hole” and feel disillusioned in your career this programme is for you.

You may be a professional who wants to change direction in their career but needs to understand how behaviour aligns with the best job fit

You may be in a role but are getting blocked by others to progress and need to understand how to use your behavioural style to step into the shoes of others to get the best result.

You may be frustrated by others behaviour and need to learn how to use your interpersonal skills more effectively to get the outcomes you desire.

Your Career Success Can Be Helped By Understanding Your Behavioural Style

Using DISC psychometric profiling for career development is a very similar process to that seen in recruitment or assessment scenarios.

A person’s DISC profile series can be compared against an ideal ‘Job Profile‘ for a particular career, and the closeness of the match between the two styles will give an indication of how well that individual’s style is suited to the career being investigated.

Jane really has made a huge difference to the individuals she has been supporting on this coaching programme.  Having been through the coaching with Jane myself, I can recommend her personally and found her coaching style to be balanced by addressing individual areas for development whilst also ensuring that they benefit and work for the business. Her challenging nature has got me to work and approach things in a very different way. Jane is very personable and professional. In short, everyone needs a Jane.”

Andrea Wallbank

HR Manager, HR Consultant and Investors in People Specialist at Business in Focus

What is DISC?

Specifically, DISC measures to what degree you are: 





Your dominant style and the corresponding traits will affect the way you function in the workplace and the type of career that you choose. It’s a good indicator of what jobs will suit you best, how well you fit into a company’s culture and how you’ll contribute to the company’s overall success.
Everyone has these four qualities – albeit to varying degrees. It’s a matter of being aware of them so you can take advantage of your strengths, work around your weaknesses and become an asset to every company you decide to work for. With a good understanding of your DISC profile, your job search will be easier and you’ll be more aligned to your new career to make the right choices.


When you take the DISC psychometric profile you will identify:

Dominant Style

Your dominant style that will help to match behavioural preferences and areas of strength to potential career choices.

Reading Others

How to read other behavioural preferences of others for interviews and meetings in order to use appropriate language and get the best out of the situation.

How will you react?

How you may react to new challenges or how you are likely to behave in a team/group situation.

Understanding Your Style

Understanding how your style reacts under pressure and put measures in place to support this

Tackling Problem Areas

Any potential problem areas with other people’s behavioural styles through learning to “step into the shoes of others”

Preparing Application Letters

Areas to help prepare application letters and curricula vitæ in order to highlight the particular areas of strength within your style. (these can be included in applications.) Because so many organisations use DISC, it may even be plausible to include a full printed DISC report with a job application.

Benefits of Career Coaching

I Will Help You

As your coach, I will help you sort through difficult issues and move you forward in positive ways. I will inquire, encourage, challenge, make requests, advise where appropriate and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are, your goals, your values, and your vision. My focus will be completely on you and what you want in life.

We will work together to understand your core values and beliefs that may have inhibited your progress to date. I will challenge your thought patterns and work with you to attain an inner confidence that you may think that you have lost. You will be provided with a structured programme, with a clear set of goals both for the short and long term to help keep you motivated, providing a clarity of vision and a determination to succeed. At all times I am there to support you in a confidential and safe environment.

1. Recognize Your Value as a Professional

You behavioural style will highlight your strengths, so that you will gain insight into the combination of skills and abilities that you can bring to the table. Knowing this will help with self worth and confidence as a professional . Coaching will challenge your negative thought processes to ensure you have clarity and focus

2. Establish a Career Path... It's Not Just a Job

As a career coach I will help you look at your personality, qualifications, and passions, then help you to find a career that is challenging, promising, and fulfilling, rather than choosing a job that is unfulfilling for you regardless of earning potential.

3. Build Your Confidence in Your Career and Yourself

Mindset is key for success to build confidence and self- belief. Creating the right mindset and understanding one’s personal values and “integrity gaps” with others will create a reference point to choose behaviours, make decisions and improve performance. My role as a career coach is to challenge your thought processes so that you are motivated to succeed.

4. Provide Accountability and Motivation from Success

I will be there to motivate you, track your progress, and provide accountability through a focused action plan and regular contact. You will be motivated to succeed in your career progression

5. Have a confidential ear in difficult situations

You may need someone you can trust in order to help you navigate through any of your decision-making processes by having an impartial person to talk to who will have your best interests at heart  and will give you advice accordingly and challenge you to think differently

What’s Involved?

When you sign up you will be sent a link to take the DISC assessment and  a calender link to set a date and time for a coaching call with me. The coaching will take place via SKYPE or Facetime. 

Take the DISC assessment and work through the report with me for a focused 2 hour coaching session. During our coaching call I will help you break down the barriers that are stopping you from succeeding in your career.  

You will create a focused plan to help you become more aligned with your passionate career.

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