Planning Your Next Career Move



Make That Career Shift With Confidence

This tool kit contains the 8 key areas to consider when you are looking to change your career.

It will help you identify the gaps you need to work on to put a plan of action in place to accelerate your career to the next level

By developing a clear vision and goals for your career will to begin to shift your mindset and beliefs around what’s truly is possible for you.

Do you crave to be in a job with purpose and enjoyment where you can influence and make a real impact on others with confidence?


Changing your career can be a daunting prospect. You want nothing more than to be in control of your own destiny, have the tools and skills to get you there and an unfound courage that will get you back on track to


The Problem Is…

As a professional you’ve worked really hard to work your way up the career ladder over the past few years but something is missing…. 

* You feel bored and unfulfilled in your job, you know you have more to offer 

* Know that you need to change but don’t know where to start

* Have lost all confidence and self belied in the person you could and should be

* Feel scared of jumping into a new career path and don’t understand your transferable skills

* Are working long hours and feel really de-motivated-Your worklife balance has diminished and you feel de-valued

* Frustrated that you are not recognized for your skills and feel taken for granted

* Have developed a negative belief cycle that is stopping you in your tracks.


About Me

I Understand People’s Behaviour And Business Strategy

I’m Jane Baker and I’m here to break down the barriers with you that are stopping you from moving forward in your career.

I am an experienced high level leadership coach and career mentor and have been coaching for over eighteen years with professionals who are looking for a sense of purpose but feel stuck and unable to make the right choices. My focus is on creating a mindset that allows my clients to be in control of their own destiny, have the tools and skills to get them there and to give them an unfound courage that will get them back on track.


I Can Help You Make That Career Shift With Confidence.


I Want To Help You Achieve The Same Success