The Career Wheel MOT


Welcome – If you are looking for a starting point for progressing in your career then The Career Wheel MOT has been developed just for you. It will  give you structure and focus to move forward with confidence. It provides you with a visual aid coupled with action points  to help you identify the areas that are really important for you to focus on and to bridge the gaps for future growth

As a professional, you most likely have worked extremely hard in your career over the last few years but maybe now feel it’s the time for a change. You may have lost control of your own career path, feel frustrated, bored or demotivated. You know that you need to change but don’t know where to start. You have lost all confidence and self belief in yourself as the person you could and should be…


Read the following questions for 8 key areas and scale each area on a 1-10 (1-not at all to 10 – Completely) Look at the career wheel and plot each segment and review the gaps to create a plan of action.


You are on your way to an amazing career, an understanding of who you really are and where your skills can fit into a job that fills you with purpose and passion

Do You Have The Passion And Motivation

Do I understand what I want to do in the future?

Am I passionate about my new or existing career?

Do I understand my core values and integrity gaps that maybe stopping me from moving forward?

Do I understand “me?” Do I know my extrinsic and extrinsic motivators?

Do I know what makes me “tick”, what gets me excited?

Who could help me?

Am I Confident To Make The Changes?

Do I believe I can do this?

What courses can I attend to build my confidence and self- esteem?

Who can help me keep on track?

Can I speak out and be heard?

Am I keeping a success journal as a reminder of my abilities?

Do I practice mind techniques to keep me on track and focused?

Do I have techniques for my negative chatter?

Do I visualise my own success?

Do I Have The Relevant Experience?

Do I have the experience I need to move forward?

Do I know what experience I need for a different role?

Are my experiences transferable?

Have I shadowed someone to gain experience?

Have I volunteered to gain experience?

Do I need to build experience in my current role or could I start at a lower level

Who can I speak to who is doing that job?

Do I Have The Relevant Qualifications?

What qualifications do I need?

Could I start this right now on a part time basis?

Where can I access them?

How long will they take to complete?

Can I afford the additional costs and time?

Who can help me?

Do I Have A Strong Brand?

Can I improve my CV?

Do I have a social media presence?

What contacts do I need to establish and build relationships?

Does my “brand” fit with the expectations of the role?

How do I want to be perceived?

Do key influencers know me?

Do I have a brand campaiWho can help me?

Do I Understand My Behavioural Style?

Have I assessed my behaviour type against my strengths?

Does my role align with my characteristics?

Does the job I want to do fit with my values and passions?

Do I use my behavioural style and step into the shoes of others to help me in my career?

Do I know how my behavioural style may impact on others?

Do I know how to influence others?

Who can help me?

Do I Have The Relevant Expertise?

Have I assessed my skills, knowledge and behaviour in line with the career that I am passionate about?

What relevant information can I access?

Can I build my expertise through mentoring/networking?

How do I prove my expertise to others?

Can I write some articles/e-mails of interest for influential stakeholders?

Do I use social media to showcase my expertise?

Who can help me? 

Do I Have A Strong Support Network?

Do I have a lot of support for this change?

Am I getting enough objective advice and feedback?

Am I being challenged enough?

Am I getting enough emotional support?

Is my access to information and ideas wide enough, or are all my ideas coming from one area?

Do I have someone that I am accountable for achieving my goals?

Who else can I talk to?

The Career Wheel


Look at the career wheel on the next page. Taking the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10 (1- not satisfied to 10 completely satisfied) by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge

It is useful to look at the questions for each segment to help you decide where you actually sit for each category at the moment.

e.g You may feel that you still may need to work on your confidence and may mark it as a 6. This can be plotted on the confidence segment as shown below

Plot your points and join the dots. The new perimeter of the circle represents your ‘Career Development Wheel ’. Is it a bumpy ride?

The Career Wheel Now let’s take ACTION

Look at each segment and think about your score. Use the following format for each segment If you scored e.g a 6 for confidence..if you were to make it a 7

What actions could you take? Are they realistic? When would you start these actions? When will you complete these actions? What will you need (resources)? Who can help you? How will you know if you have achieved your action?

CONGRATULATIONS – You are on your way to accelerating your career with confidence

I hope you have enjoyed this exercise.

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