Re-Ignite Retreats


Just Imagine a future where you have the power to change your life.

Do you want to rethink your life, plan your next chapter or re-assess a change in career?

Our retreats are set in beautiful locations and offer accelerated transformational change to give you the time out to re-tune your mindset with confidence and clarity, delve into your hidden core and start making the changes that you really want. 

You can choose from: 

  • Personalized tailored 1-1 retreat
  • Group retreats with like- minded individuals

 You may be looking to change career, re-evaluate your work life balance, manage your stress levels more effectively, work through relationship issues or maybe you are just looking for a change of direction in your life and need some “me” time.

Whatever you choose, you will work with experienced coaches who’ll listen, query and then help you come up with a strategy to propel you forward. You will leave with:



Mindset Breakthroughs

You’ll develop a mindset practice that serves you for a lifetime. You’ll leave behind all of the old programming, blocks, and excuses, and discover a whole new side of yourself – unapologetic and unstoppable


Enhanced Confidence

You will have the tools and know how to be the “Unstoppable You” … You will tackle the “imposter syndrome” and crippling limiting beliefs to have the power within you to reach for anything that you desire.


Effective Decision Making & Communication

By understanding yourself you will be able to communicate more effectively and be able to create powerful opportunities for change. You will know how to transfer your skills into a new you.


Greater Self Awareness

You will get greater buy-in from others into decisions that are made with the capacity to identify and understand the impact of your decisions and behaviour.


A New Self Identity

You will create an authentic identity that people will remember and want to get to know with improved satisfaction and engagement in the process


New Opportunities

You’ll learn how to identify networks to open up opportunities for you and to learn some interesting strategies on how to implement them


Emotional Intelligence Breakthrough

You will have a greater self-awareness with improved ability to cope with high demands and a greater interpersonal effectiveness for enhanced productivity and performance for change


Clarity and Direction

You will leave with confidence and a structured plan to keep you on track

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