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Coaching Programme:

Re-Ignite Your Career

Are you ready for a focused, challenging 3 months?

 Re-Ignite Your Career transformational coaching programme has been carefully developed to help you transition towards the career of your dreams with a structured programme to help you get the clarity, direction and confidence at an accelerated rate. You’ll obtain full on support to help you learn new skills, reflect on your mindset and be challenged to try new things.

You will have:

One-On-One Coaching

  • SIX coaching sessions to create momentum, assess progress, set powerful goals, be challenged and supported for you to go away with powerful actions to complete until our next session. These sessions provide momentum, challenge and support with me to provide accountability and focus for mind shift changes.
  • Full Email Access and support for 3 months. Submit your questions directly for personalised help

Business Training

  • Create a compelling structured career plan to assess development gaps
  • 6 training modules, including regular video support and uniquely designed workbooks for you to complete before each of your coaching sessions.
  • A private and exclusive free entry to Professionals With Purpose Club to connect with other highly driven individuals, with regular interesting articles to inspire and help you grow with additional mini video series
  • The opportunity to carry out leadership assessments, skills analysis, and a detailed psychometric behavior profile to understand personality fit for career choices.

You will never feel alone on this journey. You will have my full support and commitment to helping you change 

My clients work with me because of my dynamic approach to getting results, being solution focused and using my intuitive energy to challenge your negative critters.

Those who trust the process and learn to open up in a safe environment with me will accelerate their career with confidence.

I Will Help You Manifest The Outcome You Desire


Your most important outcomes will be:

Mindset Breakthroughs

You’ll develop a mindset practice that serves you for a lifetime. You’ll leave behind all of the old programming, blocks, and excuses, and discover a whole new side of yourself – unapologetic and unstoppable

Effective Decision Making & Communication

By understanding your skills, knowledge and behavior you will be able to communicate more effectively and be able to create powerful opportunities for change. You will know how to transfer your skills into a new career.

Greater Self Awareness

You will get greater buy-in from others into decisions that are made with the capacity to identify and understand the impact of your decisions, behavior, and performance at work

A Personal Brand To Be Remembered

You will create an authentic identity that people will remember and want to get to know with improved job satisfaction and engagement in the process

New Opportunities

You’ll learn how to identify networks to open up opportunities for you and to learn some interesting strategies on how to implement them

Emotional Intelligence Breakthrough

You will have a greater self-awareness with improved ability to cope with high work demands and a greater interpersonal effectiveness for enhanced productivity and performance for change

Enhanced Confidence

You will have the tools and know how to be the “Unstoppable You” …You will have the power within to reach for anything that you desire

You will:

* Identify and deal with any paralyzing blocks to your success

* Have a clear structured plan to work on

* Manage the fears that hold you back and have powerful strategies for change

* Gain a confident self -identity that resonates with YOU

* Increase your career confidence, optimism and positivity for the future

* Increase your resilience at work and develop techniques to get yourself through challenging times 

Modules Covered:

Module 1 – Creating a Powerful Vision

What career do I really want? What life do I really want? The introductory and module 1 are soul-searching sessions which focus on why you need to change, what are the deep seated drivers for change and who is the real authentic you. Be ready to challenge your old thoughts of what you “deserve” and what you can afford and what you can have in your life.  You will learn how to create a vision for your future career whilst creating the lifestyle you desire.  Once you have done this you will be tasked with setting some SMART goals that we will work on during our 1-1 coaching sessions. The confident you will start to emerge and enable you to plan for the future.

Module 2 – My Unique Self

You will start to create a full and rich picture of who you are – what makes you tick and what is truly unique about you. This allows you the time out to delve into your values, motivators, behaviours and strengths of you as a person. By understanding your unique self you will develop a strong personal brand of who you really are to the outside world. You will then have a brand statement that can be used to communicate the authentic confident you and what you stand for. As part of this module, you will be undertaking a personality assessment  providing insight into the “real you.” WARNING…This exercise can sometimes be a “lightbulb moment” of discovery. You will be using the report to start thinking about your personality and if it aligns with your career choices for future growth, and of course I will be challenging your mindset to think differently on our 1-1 session.

Module 3 – Assessing skills, knowledge and behavior

Every role has a job description and a person specification. Your job description will list the things that you are expected to do, and the person specification will identify the skills, experience, knowledge and behaviours that you need to do that job well. It is worth reviewing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you may need to develop for your future career and to understand those skills that you maximise on to transfer into a different career path. You may know that your role will be changing or that you will be working on different projects or that you are interested in a career change. What skills, knowledge and behaviour do you currently have? What new or different skills, knowledge and behaviours will you need in the future? This module assesses the gaps and helps you create a plan for change.

Module 4 – The Mindset Shift for the Confident You

This module will help you to re-frame negative thought processes that continually rule your life and stop you from moving forward in your career. You will learn techniques to challenge the so called “integrity gap” between yourself and others that may be out of synch with your values and beliefs.

You will remove your negative critters for good and understand the “imposter syndrome” using proven cognitive behavior techniques so that you remain positive and open minded to change

Module 5 – Self Marketing Strategies for Success

Once you have a strong brand that you are starting to live by, you will start to identify your key stakeholders and implement some useful ways to communicate with them with clarity. You will learn strategies to take ACTION into your next career, which will broaden your job search and make it more effective. In this module you will consider how to get your CV and your BRAND out there and put it to good use in the market place. You will look at several different methods to help you get in front of the right influencers for your perfect career whilst building a strong reputation through networking. You will identify career opportunities quickly with influencers who are starting to trust the “confident” you and you will put a plan in place to implement a branding promotion exercise to accelerate your career to the next level.

Module 6 – Building Your Support Base & Action Planning for the Future

As you’ve worked your way through each of the modules, you’ll have identified good opportunities for promotion, and thought about the skills you need to develop. You’ll know who you need on your side, and you’ll understand what you need to do to build a great reputation. This is all nice to be aware of, but it’s of no use to you if you don’t create a workable plan for applying this knowledge, and taking advantage of the opportunities open to you. This module is reviewing the last 3 months, identifying your support network and creating a plan for the next 12 months.

You are on your way to accelerating your career to success.

6 (2 hr) coaching sessions

DISC personality report to map career preferences

 Structured workbooks for each session

Access to 6 webinars to watch at your own leisure

Facebook forum with innovative articles

E-mail access 24/7 for support


But that’s not all…As an added bonus you will also receive these amazing bonuses that will help you along your journey of self-discovery.


Managing Emotions on self and others. You will gain an awareness of your emotions that can get in the way of your progress and you will carry out an assessment to gain clarity and understanding.


Learn top tips for a powerful CV


FREE MASTERCLASS on using your DISC report to understand and manage other people’s behaviour.

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you are accepted into the programme and payment has been completed you will receive an e-mail to arrange a WELCOME call to congratulate you on your first step to success and to set up your coaching dates for your diary. The dates will be confirmed by e-mail as well.

You will be sent a coaching contract which you will need to sign and send back prior to the start of the programme. This will give you a code of conduct, expectations and responsibilities set out of me “the Coach” and you “the Coachee”. Failure to sign and send back asap will mean a delay in your progression, so please don’t leave this to one side.

You will also be sent a Welcome Pack which will start to get you thinking about your goals and the reasons WHY you are on this programme.

Take some time to complete this document as it is the basis for starting your journey.


So What Makes This Programme Different?

Re-Ignite Your Career is no ordinary career development programme.

I truly believe that everyone should be encouraged to go after what they want, and when confidence and clarity are the blocks that are stopping them from going after their dreams it becomes an uphill challenge.  Recognizing that something is missing in your career and vocational life and taking the initiative to change must come from within.

This programme is a transformational process which starts from looking deep inside yourself. I know that understanding our mind and behaviour provides a foundation for change and will have a huge impact on providing a launch-pad to clarify your vision, create a solid direction and then apply the fabulous skills that you already have, even if you currently don’t know you have them!! 


You’ll leave with practical tools for taking your career to a whole new level, a mindset for success and a profile that will accelerate your opportunities. I will share all of my secrets to help you move through your blocks and remove the fear to allow a path for progression. There are many courses out there which will give you career skills but this is VERY different. We are on a journey together and I will be with you throughout the whole process of transformational change, challenging your thought processes, …. how exciting is that!!

Who The Programme Is For And Who It’s Not For

It’s for you if:

  • You want a more meaningful career that aligns with you and fits in with your lifestyle
  • You’re totally over being taken advantage of in the workplace and not being able to differentiate yourself with your unique self
  • You’re ready to accelerate your growth and live your dreams by creating a career that you love!
  • You’re ready to make a huge impact and you understand that the only way to do this is to create a powerful brand and build a fabulous network of like-minded people
  • You want to utilize your skills and learn how to embed them in a different career choice
  • You’ve come to understand that your thoughts and actions are highly linked to your success but not sure how to change them

Admit that you’re just not ready yet if:

  • You are not prepared to do the work of self -discovery and want results on day 1. Your heart and soul has got to be engaged for this process. I can’t and I won’t do the work for you. It’s YOUR transformational process.
  • You’re indecisive, or non-committal and keep telling yourself you haven’t got time. I need commitment and a positive attitude.
  • You blame others when things go wrong and will not look at yourself and understand that you play a role in your own mistakes.
  • You’re skeptical about online programmes, I don’t have a lot of time trying to convince you to invest in yourself. This is your buy-in.
  • You’d rather just do what you’ve been doing and you don’t want to know the secrets of how to accelerate your career

So, You Have A Choice

You can keep going it alone and be powerless to make the changes,

 You can spend your time spiralling in self-doubt and limiting your career option, and continuing patterns of behavior that do not serve you well and remain frustrated, resentful and angry that you can’t move forward in your career…

…or you can put an end to struggling and join my program where I’ll guide you into

* A journey of self- discovery and transformation

* A career that you are passionate about 

* A positive mind-set that shifts you into action for change

* A confident self -identity that resonates with YOU 

* Influencing at all levels within and outside of your organization with confidence.

* Managing your emotions and behavior more effectively and learning strategies for change

* Understanding your powerful self


Following on from my coaching programme with Jane, I now have developed a really positive mantra and feel positive about being able to believe in myself. I realize I am my own worst enemy when it comes to criticism and pressure and I have realized that I’ve got everything at my fingertips to get where I want to be, I just need to do it!  I loved the career wheel exercise and knowing what I need to put right to get my life back on track again. Having a list of clear goals for everything that’s important to me has given me the focus to really go out and do it! The DISC profiling really helped put things into perspective and enabled me to understand that I am in the right type of job for my personality. Our one to one coaching sessions have been invaluable – what a great programme.”


Sian Davies

Finance Director, Housing Sector

Have Questions? We Have Answers:

How do I join the programme?

You will need to book a Career Consultation Call and we can start your free coaching session to understand your goals and to see if you are suited to the programme. I can book you a place once payment has been completed.

How is payment taken?

I use PayPal and Stripe as a safe ways for all transactions. You will receive an invoice once payment has been completed

What times would I have my coaching sessions?

I try and accommodate people’s busy lives, so we will arrange suitable times that are good for you.

Where do I need to be for my Coaching sessions?

It is really important that you find a quiet space for our coaching. This is your time so please limit distractions to a minimum. Coaching will be via SKYPE or FACETIME but if you live within the locality of CF36 you are very welcome to have face to face sessions with me

Do I have to do the workbooks?

If you want to experience a transformation then YES.YES.YES. The workbooks provide a space for you to review your skills, knowledge and behaviour and reflect on how you can do things differently.

Is there a payment plan?

At the time of your order, we can discuss this further.

Finally, if you have any additional questions, just submit them below and I will get right back to you with an answer.

Thank you and I really looking forward to speaking with you! Fill in your details and let’s arrange a call.

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