There is a lot going on in the world at the moment and change is happening rapidly for Companies trying to survive. As an employee you may be feeling this pain with threats of redundancies looming.

Let me tell you a secret….It is often the case that the best opportunities will come your way when you have the focus and drive to delve really deep into your needs, hopes and desires. This is your time to be in control of your destiny and push the boundaries of what you actually want as a future career.

If you are one of the many employees finding themselves in a place of change with a possible threat of redundancy then this is the perfect space to view your own future career as a time of opportunity. 

It’s really quite common for “panic mode” to set in and react by either hiding your head under the duvet or doing only those things that you already know in your “comfort zone.” You are not alone. 

So, let’s start by re-framing  “threat” into “opportunity” 

Already it starts to change the emotion from one of despair and fear to that of hope and excitement. This manifestation within yourself will create a new framework as a time for growth and new beginnings.

So where do you start?

How do you get out of the fear and into a place of action?

There are a number of things that you need to work on but let’s think of yourself as a project with a timeframe.

As a first starting point, I always get my clients to start right at the beginning, without fear and judgement to create an intent of excitement and joy. It works a treat…why?

Fear is the biggest emotion that will hold you back as your unconscious mind tries to keep you safe in unknown territory and will paralyze any new thoughts and actions for change.

When we create an intent for future possibilities your emotions, thoughts and behavior will start to change and you will have the space to take some small steps forward into action. (Now this has got to be better than hiding under the duvet! Or running around in a blind panic!)  

Try this exercise

Close your eyes and just imagine you’ve just been teleported 5 years along your timeline to 2025 and you are looking back at your achievements.

We need to focus on 3 key elements 

1. What are you Doing

Who are you with? 

What do you see around you?

Are you working full time or part time?

Are you working in a Company or have you gone it alone? 

Are you outside in solitude or are you in an office with a team?

Are you jet setting around the Globe or are you within a radius of your hometown? 

Are you with other people, animals or on your own? 

2. What evidence do you have that shows your achievements?

Do you have a good work/life balance?

Are you going on lots of nice holidays?

Have you moved to your dream house?

When you look at your bank account, what does it say?

What feedback are you getting from others?

 3. How do you feel?

What emotions come up when you think of the above?

Where do those emotions sit in your body – allow them to expand throughout your body.

When you open your eyes – write down 1 action that you can take right now!


This is the start of your new adventure, of future possibilities and a career that will fill you with joy.

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